Materials and animal welfare

Through design and materials selection, we work deliberately towards making durable products that can last for many years. This is reflected in our basic philosophy to create classical timeless design focusing on the use of natural materials such as merino wool, silk, recycled cashmere, baby alpaca and goose down. 

Ethical considerations are particularly important when we choose manufacturers of animal fibers for our products. The origin of animal fibers and certification is crucial,  yet challenging to track and document. Our clothes are manufactured in factories in China, Hong Kong and in India. We priorities long-term collaboration with our suppliers. This provides transparency in our value chain as well as the opportunity to jointly develop good and safe work practices.

Down – Goose down (RDS)

We use goose down in our products. Down has superior insulation ability, warms well and is lightweight. Our down products have a water repellent outer material, and is technically equipped to be versatile garments, even on days with some light rain. Fleischer Couture only use RDS down. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm. RDS ensure to the highest possible extent that down and feathers do not come from animals in a supply chain that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm. 

We do not purchase down plucked from live birds. The down we use comes from Italy and China,  and is taken only from dead animals. The Italian goose down is recycled, and the Chinese goose down is from food production. We have certificates from our suppliers confirming.


Cashmere is considered as the world’s warmest and softest fiber and is incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. The unique insulating qualities of cashmere keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This versatile fleece protects the cashmere goats who live in extreme climates. Cashmere is an exclusive material where the amount of yarn per garment has a major impact on the cost of the garment.

Our cashmere garments is made of 100 % cashmere. Because of the quality of cashmere that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, we see benefits of using 100 % cashmere instead of mixed products

Merino wool

The merino wool fiber is long and thin. Therefore, it is durable and withstands a lot of washing. In addition, merino wool is soft and does not itch. Merino wool has moisture-regulating properties that allow the garment to be used both in hot and cold weather. Based on this, we use merino wool in our knitted wool products. 

Our merino wool is sourced from producers who treat their animals well. We do not tolerate any kind of mulesing, including cutting and stripping. The manufacturers we use confirm that our ethically sourced wool is processed separately, and that integrity has been maintained throughout the supply chain.


Eco cotton is cotton grown in agricultural systems that works with nature, rather than against it. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It protects local habitats and the farmers which grow it. It also uses less water, preserves soil quality, and limits soil erosion. Better for you, and better for the environment.

Alpaca fur

We use alpaca fur on our down jackets and coats. The fur is attached to the hood with buttons and can easily be removed. In addition to giving it an exclusive look, it keeps your head and shoulders warm on extra cold winter days. All fur used in our production is exclusively from animals that have died of natural causes in the mountains of Peru. 

We do not support the farming of fur. Alpaca live up to 3,600 meters above sea level and have to contend with harsh weather conditions that are hard during the rainy season. Unfortunately, as a result of the tough climate, mortality amongst the younger animals increases. The adverse weather conditions cause 15% of baby alpacas to die between 0-3 months.

Instead of producing artificial fur, it is important to us to use the natural resources that are available. We therefore support the farmers so that they can earn money even at loss of an animal.


Linen is made from woven fibers of the flax plant. Flax is easy to grow, and requiring very little water, and no additional fertilizers or pesticides. Linen fabric is naturally breathable, allowing air to flow between the fibres. Pure linen can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. Breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, pure linen is perfect for warmer weather. Our linen pieces are made from off cuts, which means a piece of waste material that is left behind after cutting a larger piece.

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